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Our Phone Number:  267-615-3793

Our Email Address:  sales@penobscotpens.com

Our Address:  1533 Yost Rd   Blue Bell  PA 19422

Our pens are different.  Penobscot Pens offers custom handmade wood and acrylic pens.  Wood pens are warm and beautiful.  Each one is unique and different because every piece of wood is unique and different.  No one is going to have a pen quite like yours.  You will find our acrylic pens to be  bright and original, different than what you can purchase from mass marketers.  So welcome;  please come in and browse our selection.


Problems With Your Purchase or Order:   If you have a problem with your purchase, please call us at 267-615-3793.


Why the strange name, Penobscot Pens?

Penobscot Pens is named for a beautiful river in Maine called the Penobscot (Pen ob scott).  It snakes across Miane from the East side of Moosehead lake to Penobscot Bay on the Atlantic Ocean, a distance of 109 miles.  Maine, with it's 16 major rivers and thousands of lakes and ponds represents all that is right about the world.  Wether working with their words or their hands, it is the place where many go to be at peace with themselves.